Holland (The Netherlands) is one of the most widely chosen jurisdictions for ship registration. There are a few important reasons to register your sail or motor boat in the Netherlands; rules and regulations are less strict then other EU countries and the costs are much lower. Most of our clients are Spanish, French, Italian etc. They have very strict provisions under there own country boat registrations and have found out that it is much easier and at a lower cost to register under Dutch Boat Registration which has minimal requirements, few restrictions, no taxes and can be done in 3 days.

Fill in your application for a Dutch Boat Registration in 3 minutes.

Register now in 3 simple steps

  • Step 1
    Fill in our online form, sign it, add a copy of the bill of sale or of your boat insurance and a copy of your ID as a pdf.

  • Step 2
    We will check your paperwork and then send you a invoice which can be paid by any major creditcard, Paypal or bank transfer.

  • Step 3
    Only 3-5 business days later we will send you your official Dutch Boat Registration via overnight courier service.

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